AIR LIFT FERI PUMPS are the answer!

Originally developed for use in agriculture, FERI PUMPS have a wide range of applications and are the only water pump chambers that operate reliably in abrasive, corrosive and mineralised situations, or when run dry.

Needless to say, they work just as well with clean water.


• Because you are saving on windmill repairs
• Because it was designed specifically to operate in some of the most adverse conditions in outback Australia
• Because it cannot seize due to the bore/well being low on water or the water contains a lot of suspended solids such as sand or grit
• Because it cannot corrode, as it is constructed entirely of tough plastics
• Because you can easily install it yourself and move it from one location to another
• Because there are no lengths of piping and rods to disassemble, no power cords to mess with, no bits and pieces to drop down the hole
• Because as it is a light pump (less than 5kg - 10lb) hanging on the end of poly piping, it can be easily removed from a well/bore and relocated to another one in a different location.
• Because it can be a long way from a power source
• Because the air doesn't have to lift and push a full column of water, the energy required to do so is much less than with other pumps. The delivery pipe discharges water, then air, then water, then air... This is one of the factors which makes FERI PUMPS different from other pumping systems.

Pump submersion will be required for the best result.
Below this point the pump will deliver what the bore can
produce and pump starts forking, but it will not damage the
pump because it will be only air passing through the chamber
and when the water is available it will start pumping again.

And they're not restricted to pumping just water. They'll pump many other fluids as well! If you want to find out more about this or any aspect of FERI PUMPS , email us at feripumps@wn.com.au

FERI PUMPS were developed in the Midwest of Western Australia. Much of this huge agricultural region is devoted to broad-acre cropping and/or livestock production. The farmland is characterised by sandy soils with some limestone, clay and loam. Apart from small quantities of stored rain water, groundwater is used to supply both the domestic and agricultural water needs.

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If you’re in Australia and would like an estimate on the cost of equipping your bores with Feri Pumps, Please ring Toodyay Pumps on 08 9574 4032