Conventional bore pumping systems regularly fail due to contaminated water causing rapid wear, or through the pump running dry in low yield bores.

FERI PUMPS consist of a non-metal pumping chamber placed below the water level in the bore. The chamber has no wearing parts. Therefore nothing is damaged if sand or other abrasives pass through the chamber, or if the bore is pumped dry. Because it is non-metallic, it's also not affected by long-term submersion in heavily mineralised water.

The chamber is supplied with air through plastic piping from a surface mounted air compressor and water is delivered through a larger plastic pipe.

The air pump, which supplies medium pressure air, can consist of a conventional air compressor or a diaphragm air pump driven by an electric motor, internal combustion engine ,or wind, or Solar.

Electric motors can be either direct current and supplied from a solar panel on site, or alternating current (AC) supplied from the regular electricity supply. The best news is that in the case of AC electricity supply, the motor and air pump do not need to be located at the bore! They can be located 5 kilometres or more away, at an existing power supply. The air is delivered to the bore through plastic pipe laid on the surface or underground.

Depending on the characteristics of the particular bore, which could be deep water in a deep bore, shallow water in a deep bore or shallow water in a shallow bore, the water can be pumped to a storage tank located at the bore or to a storage tank remote from the bore. Yields of up to 13000 litres per hour are possible with No.T4 Pump. Depth to the water surface can range from zero to any depth.

Comments by the Inventor Feri Kocsis

These pumps have been in operation successfully since 1987 all over Australia. The first DIY kit was installed in Binnu, Western Australia in 1988 and the owners have had no need for maintenance since then.

These pumps have many advantages. Running costs are low. Because FERI PUMP do not lift a solid column of water, the energy requirements are lower – saving you money every hour that you're pumping water.

FERI PUMPS are very reliable. The pump chamber in the bore is maintenance free. There is nothing in the bore to wear or corrode even when pumping dry. The only parts to wear such as the compressor are on the surface and easily accessible.

Extending power to a bore for a pump can be very expensive. Huge savings can be made when installing a FERI PUMP . The air supply can be kilometers away from your bore. You can run a cheap air line yourself.

Due to the low energy needs of a FERI PUMP there is the option of using solar energy or wind to drive the air pump. These sources of energy will provide a return on your investment in a very short period.

FERI PUMPS have been tested by the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department of the University of Western Australia over a two year period. To quote Dr K Y Cheng, ‘the simplicity of operation, the relative easy access of power source and the robustness of the pump make it a worthwhile consideration in a range of applications.'

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  • mining
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