Apart from being trouble free in operation, FERI PUMPS are also more cost effective to run. Combine this with the durability of the chamber, it means that once you put a FERI PUMP down the bore and your feet up, you should never need to see it again because there's nothing down there to wear out or corrode.

Think of all the time, trouble, effort, money and frustration you've spent pulling up every other sort of pump because it ran dry, or had abrasives pass through it, or corroded, or just plain wore out. Not any more! FERI PUMPS' wearing parts are all on the surface – just the air compressor.

More AIR volume  equals more WATER

More SUBMERSION means more WATER

No. T1 & No. T4 System Pumps
This pump is suitable for situations where the depth of water in the bore is (see chart right) or more. When supplied as a DIY Kit our estimated price for a pump chamber is

No. T1 from $549.00 plus GST and freight
No. T4 from $755.00 plus GST and freight
Other pump prices are available on request.


No. T3H System Pump
This pump is suitable for situations where the submersion of the pump is less than one third the total lift height- a timer/controller is required (see chart right). 240vac & 12vdc contollers are available. The T3 System is available in 3 designs, from $645.00 plus GST and freight. Includes instructions.






No. LR 1 Solar Powered System
Depends on what the chart recommends for the depth of your bore. Match the depth of your bore with the chart and read the wattage for recommendation. Price on request.

The smallest Solar Unit: Suggested price for 400 GL HRS with a 750 watt solar panel Vs HP motor plus compressor & pump as a DIY system from: $2,949.00 plus GST and freight Because every bore is different we are asking you to send your bore details to us so we can supply you with the right pumps to suit your bore.


Air is supplied to the pump chamber by a compressor driven by an electric motor, small engine or wind. The air displaces the water in the chamber by lifting it up and/or along the delivery pipe to the discharge point. In operation the delivery pipe is never full of water, it is only partially full. That's why FERI PUMPS don't require high air pressures to operate.

Because the air doesn't have to lift and push a full column of water, the energy required to do so is much less than with other pumps. The delivery pipe discharges water, then air, then water, then air, then water… This is  one of the factors which makes FERI PUMPS different from other pumping systems.